So british !


"Begin" says Harry, " I, I," says Mary
We'll lead the Paddington Pound
"Do" says Jess, "Oh no" says Bess
We'll have St Leger's Round


St. Leger round, known in olden days as "Sellenger,"or " Sillinger's" round, one of the oldest and prettiest of true Morris dances


'Begin' says Hall ; 'Aye, aye' says Mall
'No, no' says Noll, and so says Doll
'We'll first have SELLENGER'S ROUND (*)
Then every man began
To foot it round about
And every girl did jet it
Jet it, jet it, in and out
(*) The common modern copies read "St. Leger's Round"


a pretty figure of the St.Leger (Sellenger's) round
the costumes are those of old-world village girls and boys


She'd nig-nog, duffle, snuggle, concomitate and quag
She'd dance "The Shaking of the Sheets", fadoodle, wap and shag
She'd "Come the Caster," niggle, jerk, and "Hear the Nightingale"
She'd nest-hide, dance "St. Leger's Round", and do it with her tail



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